Project Titanicarus: Part 10 – Adventures with CEPH


If you’ve been following Project Titanicarus, you’ll know that I’ve had a reasonably serious love/hate relationship with clustering filesystems. I’ve been using DRBD and OCFS2 in an active/active configuration for the last 6 months or so. The experience has been ok, but I’m only saying that because of the other horrendous options I’ve tried.

Long & short of it, DRBD and OCFS2 suck. They are painful, I’ve had to write scripts that help them auto recover and even after covering about 10 different failure scenarios I still have downtime on a weekly basis when things don’t go well.

CEPH is part of the Openstack project, it provides a scalable, distributed multi-node striped filesystem that can be mounted as a block level device or using CEPH-FS, CEPH’s own clustering filesystem. Continue reading “Project Titanicarus: Part 10 – Adventures with CEPH”

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