Overcoming isolation – The top 10 challenges faced by a sole trader


IsolationThe guys at Startup Smart have just published a great article on working as a sole trader. In it they talk about the major reasons why working on your own creates an environment that attracts failure and most importantly, they also talk about how to act in order to avoid failing.

This is a great article, these issues are real problems for the owner/operator and are not often understood by friends, family and others who are watching startups and small business people.  Know your enemy – and in this case time management, accountability, isolation and motivation are among the largest enemies to your success.

Great Article! 10 challenges faced by sole traders: http://www.startupsmart.com.au/sole-trader/top-10-challenges-faced-by-sole-traders.html

Did this article help you? What have your experiences been?

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