CFO Networking Event – NBN

CFO Networking Event – NBN

A presentation on the NBN and the future of Australian Telecommunications.

Brocade Customer Event – KL

Brocade Customer Event – KL

Presentation to Brocade’s International customers on the NBN and Aussie Telco’s.

NBN - Sky Business News Interview

NBN – Sky Business News Interview May 2011


Project Titanicarus: I hate DRBD! Time to try CEPH.

If you’ve been following¬†Project Titanicarus, you’ll know that I’ve had a reasonably serious love/hate relationship with clustering filesystems. I’ve been using DRBD and OCFS2 in an active/active configuration for the […]

Project Titanicarus: Insanely fast PHP with HHVM

The good people at Facebook have developed a fastcgi replacement for PHP-FPM called HHVM. HHVM is a just in time bytecode compiler that they say increases performance of web applications […]

Web Servers

Project Titanicarus: NGINX, SPDY and PageSpeed = FAST!

Since I posted the original post on building NGINX servers with Google PageSpeed there have been a bunch of additional shiny things to add to your NGINX build, the biggest […]